1. Quotations. Unless previously withdrawn Aero Vintage Ltd’s offer to supply services and parts is valid for 30 days from the date of quotation. For quotations requiring longer validity written requests and acceptance must be made.

2. Price. If there are any significant increases in the cost of materials or labour, which take place between the date of quotation and the date when the work against the quotation is carried out, Aero Vintage Ltd reserves the right to amend the price. Every quotation is made and every order acknowledged on the condition that the service and/or parts can be invoiced and payment thereon will be made at the price ruling when the services and/or parts are supplied.

3. Supply of Parts, Materials and Labour Where the total of the parts, materials and labour are known for specified work, the full price will be detailed in the quotation. Where the requirement for parts, materials and work orders arises from emergent work Aero Vintage Ltd will, as far is reasonably possible, advise the customer in advance in writing.

4. Reservation of Title. The property in the parts and materials supplied shall remain vested in Aero Vintage Ltd until all or any sums due or owing to Aero Vintage Ltd by the Customer have been paid in full and until such time as the Customer shall hold the parts supplied as bailee for Aero Vintage Ltd. If Aero Vintage Ltd shall so require the Customer shall mark set aside, distinguish or otherwise appropriate the parts as belonging to Aero Vintage Ltd.

5. Payment. Account customers must pay by the 15th day of the month following the invoice which will usually be rendered within the first 5 days of any given month or earlier. All payments must include V.A.T. if applicable, unless the goods are exported by Aero Vintage Ltd to an address outside the EEC or within the EEC but outside the United Kingdom, provided the goods are exported to a business at an address with a valid EEC Vat number. Aero Vintage Ltd reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 2% per month on all overdue accounts with a minimum charge of £50. Work may not be carried out or goods supplied to customers whose account is in default until such time as Aero Vintage Ltd has received full payment. Aero Vintage Ltd may apply a legal lien on customer’s property in the event of prolonged non-payment (more than one month overdue) or in the case of a dispute, pending settlement. In such situations a storage and administration charge may be made equal or greater than the cost of such a service to the customer’s property, back dated to the time when the dispute started or when payment was due, which ever is the earlier time.   

6. Packing and Carriage. For parts not embodied in ongoing work on the premises, carriage will be charged on all orders unless agreed otherwise in written confirmation between Aero Vintage Ltd and the Customer.

7. Rejection of Parts and Handling Charges, Delays and Returns. Aero Vintage Ltd will attempt to return parts wrongly specified by the customer or found to be extra to requirements subject to the terms and conditions of the sub-contractor and a 10% handling charge will be levied – minimum £25. Parts and material on special order or subject to internal works orders and/or manufacture may not be returned or such orders cancelled.

8. Indemnity. The Customer shall indemnify Aero Vintage Ltd in respect of all damage or injury occurring to any personal property and against any actions and expenses in that connections for which Aero Vintage Ltd may become liable in respect of service provided or parts sold if the damage or injury is caused by negligence of the Customer or his servants or agents.

9. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. In compliance with Section 6 of the above Act, Aero Vintage Ltd confirms that the services provided and parts supplied do not present a hazard to health for the purpose for which they are designed and provided also that the Customer or his servants or his agents takes reasonable and normal precautions in their use.

10. Warranties. Aero Vintage Ltd offers the Customer the benefit of any warranty period offered by the supplier or manufacture of the parts and materials used for specified and emergent work. No additional warranties are offered.

11. Disputes. All work carried out on behalf of a customer shall be governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute which may arise save that the Company may institute and maintain proceedings in respect of work carried out in this country. Proceedings against a foreign customer may be served by post addressed to him at any consulate of his country or residence or nationality.

12. Estimates. An estimate can be provided on request and is to be treated as a guideline only. Aero Vintage Ltd will not be responsible for any increases in prices beyond this, unless a maximum limit on an estimate is agreed beforehand. Aero Vintage Ltd may agree to a maximum labour cost per month if required by the customer. However, this does not extend to bought in goods and services which will be provided at cost plus a handling charge of 15%. Aero Vintage Ltd reserves the right to carry over labour costs in these circumstances to the following month and thereafter as appropriate if the labour exceeds that agreed.

13. Quotations. Aero Vintage Ltd will not usually provide estimates or quotations for high value or long term re-manufacturing, refurbishment or restoration work. However, guidelines can be prepared for this work on the following conditions:

  • a) The work to arrive at this figure is fully paid for at an agreed rate.
  • b) Aero Vintage Ltd is not contractually bound to undertake the work to this guide price which may increase for reasons beyond its control.
  • c) Accounts are paid within the agreed terms.

Correct at 12th May 2022