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For Sale:
Yak I

This extremely rare aeroplane, Yak-1 No. 1342, (G-BTZD) is offered FOR SALE by Retrotec Ltd with a restoration contract at a fixed price. Retrotec is one of the most experienced research and restoration companies working on pre-1945 ex-military aircraft.

Retrotec and its associate company Aero Vintage Ltd have been managing the research and restoration of this aircraft for Historic Aircraft Collection Ltd., the owners of the Yak-1, since the aircraft was recovered from Russia in the early 1990's. The research has been painfully slow due to many of the original records being lost and the need to translate those that we did find into English.

Over the years various components have been restored by specialist subcontractors and the aircraft is now substantially completed with the engine rebuilt and running (see below). The incredibly complex wooden wing is completed, and so is the fuselage with all known outstanding problems resolved.

Why is it for sale? The HAC has, over the years, prioritised other restorations and time has finally run out as the main principle has now retired, hung up his pilot's licence and so wishes to pass on this project to a new owner.

The price? It is very expensive. In excess of £2.5 million has already been spent.

The price is £1.5million down and £1.5million to be paid over the completion of the restoration and the issue of a CAA Permit to Fly. The price is subject to VAT or the aircraft can be exported out of the European Union without VAT.

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