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Fieseler Fi 156 Storch G-BPHZ

Under restoration at Retrotec with an original Argus engine. Post-war use with French (as F-BJOC) as an Argus engined MS 500 with all the evidence of German manufacturer's specification, including side opening doors, and many other brackets and parts not always seen on MS 502 and 505. Later on BJOC was converted to MS 505, but the original MS 500 data plates is still affixed and is a war-time German design. Most minor components and assemblies (for example the undercarriage and control brackets) are German Fieseler 156 marked. Tail number 1827. Original rear gunner's ring for MG 15.

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Hawker Hind L 7181

Ex Kabul airport Hind L 7181. This is an original recovery, and has been the subject of much expense. It is being sold to fund the restoration of last remaining Hawker Audax, being restored at Retrotec. The price is £350,000 plus VAT and includes an excellent Kestrel engine, which appears to be test run only.

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Hawker Nimrod II K3661 (G-BURZ)

Hawker Nimrod II K3661 (G-BURZ), currently owned and operated by the Historic Aircraft Collection (HAC) at Duxford airfield in the UK.

This aircraft is very different to the Nimrod I, in that it has swept wings, a tail wheel, a very complex steam condensing cooling system and a gas start system. The engine was more powerful also, a Kestrel VI engine being specified.

The aircraft remains were recovered and donated to the RAF Museum, who held them in store at RAF Henlow. The fuselage only was sold off by the museum when the Henlow storage facility was closed, to Mike Cookman, who was constructing an Hawker Typhoon at the time, from relic parts. Aero Vintage Ltd. bought the Nimrod fuselage from him in August 1991, and later that year, the wings (including the wings from a second Nimrod that Aero Vintage acquired, but a Nimrod I) and tail unit, which by now had re-appeared at the RAF Museum's Cosford 'deep' storage facility. The engine remains with the RAF Museum.

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Yak-1 with restoration

This extremely rare aeroplane, Yak-1 No. 1342, (G-BTZD) is offered FOR SALE by Retrotec Ltd with a restoration contract at a fixed price. Retrotec is one of the most experienced research and restoration companies working on pre-1945 ex-military aircraft.

Retrotec and its associate company Aero Vintage Ltd have been managing the research and restoration of this aircraft for Historic Aircraft Collection Ltd., the owners of the Yak-1, since the aircraft was recovered from Russia in the early 1990's. The research has been painfully slow due to many of the original records being lost and the need to translate those that we did find into English.

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